Crawl space repair

A crawl space doesn’t do much except keep your house from resting on the ground, and provide shelter for wiring conduit and plumbing. Since there is not enough overhead space to allow walking, most homeowners don’t enter this area or even think about it — until a problem comes up.

Rain, melting snow, high groundwater and lack of air circulation can turn your crawl space into a damp, musty area. If these conditions aren’t improved:

  • Mold and mildew can develop.
  • Wood support beams and floor joists can start to rot.
  • Dampness and odor can draw pests such as termites, roaches, snakes, mice, rats, mosquitoes, spiders and skunks.

What starts in the crawl space doesn’t stay in the crawl space. Half or more of your basement air flows upward into your house, bringing odors and mold spores with it. Pests also will travel into the upper levels of the house to find warmth and food. If these problems become severe enough, they could put your family’s health at risk.

Dry Basement® Foundation Repair offers a crawl space encapsulation system that seals out moisture and blocks unwanted pests.  And, to keep the air in that space clean and dry, we install an air filtration and dehumidifying system.

Dry Shield crawl space: before and afterDryShield® Crawl Space

First comes DryShield® Crawl Space, an encapsulation system that covers the dirt floor and foundation walls in your crawl space. All of the seams are sealed, creating an impenetrable barrier against moisture. This system:

  • Uses a multi-layer, 12-mil-thick material similar to a swimming pool liner.
  • Reduces entry points for radon gas.
  • Is fire retardant.
  • Meets requirements of the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC).
  • Is environmentally friendly.

The clean, light-colored surface brightens the crawl space and turns it into a usable storage area.

Santa Fe dehumidifiers/air filtersSantaFe® dehumidifying air filtration system

The second part of the Dry Basement® crawl space solution is the SantaFe® Filtration System. This is a high-efficiency dehumidifier and air filtration system. For crawl spaces, we recommend the Santa Fe® – Advanced II. This low-profile device:

  • Dries the air in spaces up 6,000 square feet by 3 feet high.
  • Removes up to 400% more moisture than an average crawl space dehumidifier, without using any more energy.
  • Automatically empties collected water into the sub-floor drainage system or down an existing drain. If a gravity drain isn’t available, a condensate pump can be installed to remove the water. Either way, there’s no pan for you to empty.
  • Uses a two-stage filter: a rinse-clean filter for removing large particles, and an easily replaceable filter which removes mold and dust particles down to 2 microns.
  • Makes your heater and air conditioner work more efficiently, since drier air is easier and less expensive to heat and cool.

For more information or to schedule a crawl space inspection and evaluation, contact us to schedule an appointment.