Basement waterproofing solutions

Dry Basement® Foundation Repair offers a number of solutions to keep your basement dry and water-free.

Basement waterproofing siystem by Dry Basement Foundation Repair

Clockwise from upper left: No Water® System, Dual Pack® Sump Pump System, WallShield® System, WindowDrain®.

No Water System®

Dry Basement® Foundation Repair focuses on removing and controlling water to avoid water pressure buildup. It starts with our patented No Water System®.

This No Water System® takes the problem water from outside and inside your basement walls — as well as from below your basement floor — and leaves no water in your basement.

The result of decades of practical experience, very specialized research and professional engineering by the Dry Basement® team, the No Water System® works on all types of foundations. It conforms with the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC). It is designed to prevent radon from entering the basement through the wall-floor joint.

Dual Pump Pack®

The Dual Pump Pack® sump pump system keeps on working when other systems fail. We offer several options for configuring your Dual Pump Pack® with primary and secondary sump pumps, as well as a battery backup.


WallShield® panels complement our No Water System® for basement waterproofing. They are made from post-consumer plastic and are joined by connectors. The panels direct water into the No Water System®, keeping your basement clean, dry and livable.

WallShield® forms a barrier that is completely watertight, mold resistant and even fire retardant — and also creates a radon barrier.


If water seeps in through your basement windows and stains the walls and floor, you need the WindowDrain® system.

WindowDrain® can be used on its own or with WallShield® panels. Dry Basement® Foundation Repair can also replace the window well, if needed.

While waterproofing your basement, we suggest that you take a look at our Basement Magic remodeling systems to see how Dry Basement® can transform your basement.

SantaFe® air filtration/dehumidifying system

Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier from Dry Basement Foundation SolutionsTo keep basement air clean and fresh, Dry Basement® offers the SantaFe® Filtration System. This is a high-efficiency air filtration and dehumidifying system. For basements, we recommend the Santa Fe® – Classic. This model:

  • Dries the air in basements up to 2,600 square feet, finished or unfinished.
  • Removes up to 400% more moisture than an average crawl space dehumidifier, without using any more energy.
  • Automatically empties collected water into the sub-floor drainage system or down an existing drain. If a gravity drain isn’t available, a condensate pump can be installed to remove the water. Either way, there’s no pan for you to empty.
  • Can be installed in an unfinished area and ducted to a finished area.
  • Uses a two-stage filter: a rinse-clean filter for removing large particles, and an easily replaceable filter which removes mold and dust particles down to 2 microns.
  • Makes your heater and air conditioner work more efficiently, since drier air is easier and less expensive to heat and cool.

For more information or to schedule a basement inspection and evaluation, contact us to schedule an appointment.