Basement Remodeling

Basement Magic® completely transforms your damp, dark, unfinished and unused basement into a dry, well-lit, remodeled, usable living space.

Over the years we have learned that any type of basement remodeling must begin with proper building materials. We use only our exclusive materials that are mold-resistant and built to last in below-grade spaces.

The unique design of our Magic Wall® System also allows us to remodel your basement in half of the time that it would take a general contractor.

If you are a handy homeowner, you may be thinking about installing the Dry Basement® finishing system on your own. Regardless of whether you are building a new home, or simply wanting to add more usable space to your existing home, this remodeling system is perfect for you.

It’s made from R16 insulating materials, and it will help to keep the space below your home comfortable year-round.

Basement remodeling with the Magic Wall® Basement Finishing System

Dry Basement Foundation Solutions: Remodeling before and after

Magic Wall and basement remodeling: Before (top right) and after (bottom).

With proper installation, the walls will be straight, not leaning or bowed over time as may be the case with other remodeling systems on the market today. After installation is complete, the surfaces can be finished using paint, wallpaper, or any other kind of finish that fits your decor. These walls install in half the time compared with other products available today.


Cover that uncomfortable, cold concrete floor with a comfortable, easy-to-walk-on flooring surface. Traditional carpeting and certain types of wood materials may actually trap moisture beneath the surface, and this can eventually lead to a lot of problems, including rot and mold growth. It is advisable to choose a material that will be moisture-resistant and durable. We can provide you with attractive styles in a variety of patterns and textures to help complete your basement environment.


The final piece of the puzzle when remodeling this area beneath your home is choosing the right kind of window. You want to pick one that is stylish, yet durable and strong. Our team can provide you with vinyl construction windows that are built to last. Vinyl is a material that is easy to maintain: it won’t ever require painting, and it’s never going to rust. These windows will improve the light and energy efficiency of any space inside of your finished basement. Many options are available.

For more information, see our Basement Magic® website.

The video below demonstrates an installation of the Magic Wall® system.